I have several adorable rescue bunnies that have been waiting for adoption 2-5 months. Please adopt one of them rather than buying from a store and supporting bunny mills.
If you scroll through the pictures on the left, you will see some of our rescue bunnies.
If you can't adopt but would like to help a bunny, then you can neuter a bunny male for $60, so he would become adoptable. Males that are not neutered can not be adopted as inside pets, because they spray. Usually they take 6-12 months to get adopted, which reduces my ability to help other bunnies. And they would be better off in a home with full attention, than staying long term in a rescue and having to share attention with other bunnies.
Please visit wwwdotbunnyhomesdotblogspotdotcom to see many adorable bunnies that were rescued and are looking for their forever homes.