All items pictured for just $10. For that price, your child can have some fun experimenting (need only a $10 speaker horn at Princess Auto or similar). Install your own local (no contract/no monitoring) burglar alarm! All necessary advice and guidance is widely available on the internet. The unit is especially suited to a storage building or workshop, but could be used in a home, too. This is a used, simple burglar alarm control box, digital key switch, and AC power supply. It includes the original hookup instructions for both control box and digital keyswitch, extra fuses, and lots of protection circuit resistors. Any other parts you need to install an alarm system are available locally. Those parts are intrusion sensors (like magnetic switches or motion detectors), a suitable siren, or speaker, or bell, a 12v backup gel cell battery ($25 Princess Auto), and inexpensive light gauge wire. I installed a number of alarm systems for friends over the years, and this was destined for a friend's workshop, but he moved away. I purchased it used, and tested it upon receipt. It worked perfectly. However, despite any representations made here, I am selling this AS IS. The control box was manufactured by Western Security Products, Md. WSP-214. The digital key switch was manufactured by Safehouse, Md. 49-535. Reply here or call Al at 604-561-.