* 1.6 kW multi directional halogen heater.
* Foot Pedal On / Off switch.
* W Top & Bottom.
* This unit comes with a 1 Year Warranty.
Voted best Garage / Workshop Heater available on the market from Classic Monthly magazine (december issue).
Heres what they said "Pros: An impressive machine cleverly designed hinged heaters that can heat in two directions at once. Foot-operated switch at base means no groping around for switches. Overheat and tipping-over cut-off protection. Lightweight and easy to carry."....followed by "Cons: Overall, there was nothing we didn't like about this heater".
"the Winterheat Inferno edged the win for being user friendly. Its combination of angled heaters and easy controls made it stand out over the others."The unit does not have any oddurs like gas heaters, is also cheaper to run than gas heaters and does not require any maintance to run. Foot operation with 3 heat settings for easy use.A choice of wattages and configurations within just one model makes the Inferno one of the most versatile portable garage / workshop heaters available. Ideal for use in garages, workshops, warehouses, conservatories, garden sheds etc.
Operating Setups:
? Function to fold heater in half
? 3 Power settings: 800W Top / 800W Bottom / W top & bottom
? Streamline design and refinement
? Safety tip-over switch
? Over-heating protection
? High-temperature-resistant plastic housing
? Two rotatable heads,two tubes per head
? Either run one heater or two
? High efficiency infrared heater, heats you not the air
? Complete with 5M cable & plug
* Colour: Metallic Red
* Wattage: W
* Dimension ( H x W x D ) = 840 mm X 390 mm X 357 mm
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