TAOTAO 500W+ 'ZUMMER' is the newest scooter to have if you want to ride really comfortably, since it offers more room for longer legs.
You have this baby powered up by a 500 watt brushless high hub motor and powered by Gel Lead acid batteries. You don't have to worry about stopping, because the disk brakes installed in the front and the rear will help you stop promptly.
The added features add a great deal of value to the scooter i.e. the remote alarm will notify you if anyone tries to tamper with your scooter or even vandalize it. And both wheel and ignition locks will help you sleep sound at night, knowing that no one can start your scooter and take it for a ride.
E-Scooters are street legal, just like bicycles, and do not require driver's license, insurance or registration. Best of all, E-Scooters do not require gas either! Just charge it and go!
Displacement (cc) 500W, brushless high hub motor
Engine Type Gel lead acid battery
Battery Cycle 350-400
Range 50+ km, depend on road condition
Battery 72V-20AH (6 batteries x 12V-20AH)
Front hand brake Disk
Rear foot brake Disk
Tire front 3.5*10
Tire rear 3.5*10
Max Speed 42 KM/H
Climb Ability 25 degree +
Net Weight (lbs) 250
Head Light Yes
Tail Light Yes
Brake Light Yes
Blinkers Yes
Remote Start/Stop Yes
Key Features of the TAOTAO 500W+ 'ATE805':
*At full power it can get up to 42 km/h (26 m/h)
*72V-20AH/ 6 lead acid batteries
*500/800 Watts motor, 50 km (31 miles) travel range per charge
*10" x 2 tires
*Remote start
*Mirrors, a horn and Anti-Theft Alarm
*Incandescent headlights turn signals and brake lights
*Adjustable handlebar spread
*Brake levers
*Glove and under the seat compartment
*Smart battery charger: once the scooter is charged, the charger turns itself off preventing any potential damage to the battery
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